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MADANI RICH & FABULOUS was established on 22th September 2015. Nature of business at early stage was to provide Soap Production Raw Materials, Teaching & Consultation. The company received enquiry and biding invitation to participate and produce of clients Health & Beauty product.

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MADANI RICH & FABULOUS began as a Training and Consultation company in 2015 has registered with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia and currently expanding and diversified its operation into Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and Detergent Supplier.

MADANI RICH & FABULOUS was initially started with two young couples’s husband & wife, Capt. Wan Mohd Saufiee Bin Abd Razak holding professional ticket Combine Master & Chief Mate of Ship 3000GT or More Unlimited Trade Voyage from Akademi Laut Malaysia and certified by Malaysia Marine Department.

Puan Nor Farizah Aripin holding Degree of Biomedical Science with honour from Management Science University (MSU), Vocational Training Officer (VTO) level 3 and Sijil Kemahiran Malaysia (SKM) level 3 from Suruhanjaya Kemahiran Malaysia.

Since inception MADANI RICH & FABULOUS has successfully completed various type of project ranging from the foundation, training, teaching, supplies, consultation , production, trading and services.

MADANI RICH & FABULOUS is looking opportunity to take part in the HALAL production, Beauty & Health Industries everywhere in Malaysia and Asia. We committed to provide the best services in consistently with the stated requirement of our client.

It is the ambition of the company to gather, develop and strengthen the best Malaysian individual in their respective fields and discipline to work as a team, and to contribute in making a developed nation.



Customer Service : +60179569697
Email: fabulove.biz@gmail.com
SD 14, Kilang Kembar Melaka Halal Hub Fasa 2, Serkam, 77300 Melaka, Malaysia
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